Blender 3D: Cuphead Rigged

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Are you a 3D artist or animator seeking to dive into the world of Cuphead? Look no further! MVARTZ presents to you the Cuphead 3D Rig, a meticulously crafted character rig designed for both practice and fan-driven creativity. Whether you're an aspiring animator or a devoted Cuphead enthusiast, this versatile rig provides you with a powerful tool to bring your ideas to life.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully Rigged Cuphead Model: Crafted with precision and a touch of personal stylistic choices, this rig is tailored for both beginners and seasoned animators.
  • Pupil System with 10 Shapes: Elevate your character's expressiveness with this clever pupil system. Choose from a diverse range of 10 pupil shapes, seamlessly integrated through geometry nodes. The animator-friendly UI provides you with creative control over your character's emotions and reactions.
  • Rigify-Powered Rig: Harness the power of Rigify to effortlessly manipulate Cuphead.
    Why do I like Rigify? It’s easily customizable. Free to use. And has multiple Pro features like a detailed face rig, FK/IK snapping, integrated foot roll, and more.
  • Pose Library Included: Here to get you started! Explore the expanding pose library, designed to kickstart your animation journey. This library will continue to grow, offering an ever-expanding collection of captivating poses.

Who Benefits:

  1. 3D Artists and Animators: Perfect for both beginners and experts, the Cuphead 3D Rig streamlines the animation process, letting you concentrate on refining your craft.
  2. Cuphead Fans and Animation Enthusiasts: throw yourself into the world of Cuphead and create animations that pay homage to the beloved game.

The Value:

Skip the complexities of rigging and jump straight into animation. This pre-rigged Cuphead character saves you hours of painstaking work, enabling you to focus on what truly matters - storytelling and creative expression.

No need to be a rigging expert! Gain access to advanced rigging setups without the steep learning curve.

What's Included:

  • Basic Poses: A foundation for your animation journey, including A, EE, O, U, and F poses.
  • 10 Pupil Shapes: From Default to Dollar signs, customize pupil size, position, and rotation to imbue life into your character.
  • Fully Rigged and Shaded 3D Model (.blend)
  • Any textures used (Texture painted gloves, and what might follow in future releases)
  • I try to update it as much as possible, which you will get for free. (One-time purchase)
    As I improve as a rigger (Yes, I'll keep on learning too) I will update the rig to the best of my abilities. 
    The main focus of future updates will be cleaner deformations with weight paint fixes and shape key adjustments

How to Get Started:

Head over to the Gumroad marketplace, where the Cuphead 3D Rig awaits. With a simple digital download of the Blender file, you'll be ready to embark on your animation adventure.

Pro tip: Use Link and Library Overrides to Import Character Rigs Into Blender 3.0

Connect with the Creator:

I'm Menno van Roon, a Netherlands-based 3D Generalist/Motion Designer, with a love for all things animation. Join me on Instagram and Twitter and Youtube to showcase your animations, share ideas, and be part of a thriving creative community.

Purchase the Cuphead 3D Rig now and let your imagination take flight! 

Keep your Gumroad account and I keep updates coming your way. 

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Blender 3D: Cuphead Rigged

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